Digital Alchemy | Consistency vs Relevance
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Consistency vs Relevance

For years now we have focused on delivering a consistent message to customers, looking for ways to co-ordinate channels, and making sure that a customer receives a consistent offer, regardless of the offer. Some people have termed this ‘surround sound marketing’, ‘omni-channel marketing’, or even some other buzz words. But the principle is that a customer receives a consistent message regardless of the channel.

However, with real time decisioning that we are able to deliver through products like uDecide®, should we be focused on consistency or should we just focus on ensuring that we are constantly relevant? The analogy that I use is a conversation. Would you rather meet someone and talk about one thing, or would you rather meet someone and talk about a range of relevant things? Does it really matter that I offer a customer a credit card 3 times and a transaction account 4 times, providing that both offers are relevant?

I have come to the conclusion that consistent relevance is much more important than a consistent message. But I would love to hear your views…