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Digital Alchemy Privacy Policy – Personal Information collected by Digital Alchemy

Digital Alchemy (Australia) Pty Ltd (“Digital Alchemy”, “us”, “we”) is strongly committed to protecting your privacy when you interact with us, our products and services. 

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain:

  • the application of this Privacy Policy
  • the kinds of personal information that we will collect and hold;
  • how we collect and hold personal information;
  • the purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information;
  • how you  may access and seek to correct personal information that we hold about you;
  • how you can complain if you believe that we have breached the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with such a complaint; and
  • any disclosure of your personal information to overseas recipients.

The Application of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information that is collected by us for use by the Digital Alchemy business. If you have questions about personal information that is held or disclosed to us on behalf of our clients, please see the Digital Alchemy Privacy Policy – Personal Information held on behalf of clients.

Kinds of Personal Information collected and held

We may collect and retain personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, and details of previous interactions that you have had with us. If you have provided your Personal Information via our website, we may also use cookies to keep track of pages views, date, time and duration or visits and the path taken through the website. If you are applying for a job at Digital Alchemy, we may collect and retain information about your skills experience and previous employment history.

The Privacy Act places restrictions on collecting sensitive personal information about you (including information about your religious views, ethnicity, political opinions, criminal records, personal health information or sexual preferences). Generally, we will not collect this sort of information. However, we may collect information related to your criminal record if you apply for a job with us and you provide your consent for us to do so.

How Personal Information is collected

Personal information is collected after it is submitted through our website or otherwise provided directly to us such as at a trade fair or conference.

If you have submitted your personal information via our website, cookies may be used. Information, such as browser type, is included in a ‘cookie’ that is sent to your computer when you are completing certain tasks on this website. A cookie contains information that enables our servers to identify and interact efficiently with your computer. Cookies are designed to provide a better, customised website experience, and to make it easier for you to use the website.

You can configure your browser to either accept all cookies, reject all cookies or to notify you when a cookie is being sent to your computer. The ‘help function’ on your browser will provide you with details on how to change your browser configurations. If you disable cookies you may not be able to use some of the functionality on our website.

How Personal Information is held

All personal information is securely stored with appropriate levels of security. Personal Information is held in secure servers and is encrypted where practical to do so. Systems are protected by an industry standard firewall and we have strict policies and procedures pertaining to the access of the system and data. Data is encrypted where possible.

Personal information that has been provided directly to us or via our website may be disclosed to third party service providers who manage the retention of that information. We strive to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personal information submitted to our sites, and we review and update our security measures in light of current technologies. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure.

However, we will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information you may transmit to us or from our online products and services. Once we do receive your transmission, we will also make our best efforts to ensure its security on our systems.

In addition, our employees and the contractors who provide services related to our information systems are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by us. However, we will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to your personal information.

Purposes for which personal information is collected, held, used and disclosed

We may collect, hold, use and disclose personal information for the purpose that it was provided to us for, such as for sending you newsletters and updates about our services, responding to enquiries about our services, staff recruitment, for the purpose of marketing the services that we offer and any related purpose.

We may disclose your personal information to other Digital Alchemy Group companies and third party service providers such as mailing houses and telemarketing agencies.

Access to personal information is limited to those employees, contractors and third party service providers who need to access the Personal Information. We require those parties to comply with the Privacy Act 1998 however we will not be held responsible for events arising from the unauthorised access to your personal information or the failure of third party service providers to comply with the Privacy Act 1998.

We note that no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure. We will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to your personal information.

How to access and rectify personal information

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

If you would like to access the personal information we hold about you or you believe that the information we have about you is not accurate, complete or up-to-date please contact us by email at

Complaint process if you believe Digital Alchemy has interfered with your privacy

If you have any complaints in relation how your personal information has been dealt with by Digital Alchemy, you may contact the Privacy Officer by emailing with the details of your complaint and we shall endeavour to respond within 14 business days.

Overseas disclosure

Your personal information may be disclosed to recipients overseas in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, the United States or any other country where we operate our business. Those recipients are required to protect your personal information in a manner that is the same as, or similar to, the protections afforded under Australian law.


In this Privacy Policy:

Digital Alchemy means Digital Alchemy (Australia) Pty Ltd 

Digital Alchemy Group means Digital Alchemy (Australia) Pty Ltd, Digital Alchemy Ltd and the subsidiaries and related entities of either