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Michael Yeung

Technical Lead

“I have been a part of the DA family for almost 17 years and have seen many talented people develop professionally and personally during their tenure at DA. DA has always fostered and offered opportunities to allow each team member to learn and grow together and it is up to the individual to seize the day. It has been an awesome and fulfilling experience to be part of the DA family!”

Kidd Dai

Campaign Developer

“What I love most of DA is her culture. Great collaboration for projects across different people and teams, recognition for exceptional work by team leaders and members, respect and caring for individuals by people around us. We have the same goal to drive DA for success, and I want to be part of it.”

Patteera Karapakdee

Campaign Developer

“DA is my first company. I’m glad that I joined DA and have a wonderful moment working with many awesome people who keep challenging each other to be a better you. I enjoy working in DA’s environment which is full of family feeling and we are caring for each other. I’m grateful that I have had a lot of opportunities that DA opens for everyone to learn and grow more and more.”

Jerome Chan

Customer Success Manager

“Over the 3 years of working in DA, I am always so thankful to be a part of this wonderful family. Every single milestone that I have achieved, I’ve achieved because of the people and their amazing support.”

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We’re hiring!

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