Retail Innovations webinar

An invitation to: Asia Retail Innovations 2022 Virtual Conference

Reinventing Southeast Asia’s retail industry to drive economic recovery

Despite the challenges that retail players have faced this year, rather than sounding the death knell, the pandemic has accelerated its digital transformation, already so many years in the making. The consumer journey has undergone a complete reinvention over lockdown. While there has been a huge shift to shopping online, the high street has continued to play a key role in the conversion funnel. Creating a successful omnichannel strategy is already looking to pay dividends in Asian markets, and increasingly in the West too.

New businesses and business models have been spun up to meet the demands of the post-Covid environment, whilst established businesses pivoted quickly and reinvented themselves, finding new revenue streams and new markets.

Digital Banking Activities and Discussions

● Retail Performance & eCommerce trends Report
Get updated on the latest performance of retailer in Southeast Asia during this pandemic and get detailed projection from top experts on the trends and innovations

● Retail Virtual Roundtables
This is where it gets really interactive, join a virtual roundtable on a topic of your choice. Then virtually meet and network with your peers facing the same issues.

● Virtual 1 to 1 Meetings
Virtual meetings have become the new norm. We give you the opportunity to select those you’d like to meet from a list of registered participants. We’ll then set up and host these for you.

● Country Focused Sessions
Country focused session for Philippines and Indonesia where you will meet the leaders and decision makers of the leading players in those countries and prospect your business opportunities with them

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