Digital Alchemy | Navigating the Digital World Without Third-Party Cookies
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As part of Digital Alchemy’s partnership with the SAS Institute, we make available one of their white papers on operating in a cookieless digital world.

Like Digital Alchemy, SAS want to make the best we can do in a fluid situation where there is a lot of change in thinking about security and privacy and the consequences on how browsers and mobiles control or output consumer interactions.

We feel that deeper analytics is going to be the answer.  We will have to deal with the way each major ad or media platform operates, 1st party data, opt-in/out and a variety of other challenges that the SAS platform has or is building automation for.

The SAS paper is also a good summary of what is happening in the digital data space.


Navigating the digital world without third-party cookies Whitepaper Now

A paper by the SAS Institute