Understanding COVID-19 using
Behavioural Economics

As humans, we all want to understand the human mind and as a Marketer, we want to understand how humans behave and respond to certain stimuli to make decisions.

During a time of confusion and uncertainty, much of what we ‘know’ about our customers and the human mind has been thrown out the window. However, with a bit of help from behavioural economics, there is ‘some’ logic justifying consumers behaviour right now that could help Marketers make an impact by adjusting their strategy, tactics and campaigns.

We have analysed 5 common COVID-19 behaviours and explained them using Behavioural Economics. In the pre-COVID-19 days, we’ve seen our Client’s campaigns doubling in open rates and response rates have also increased by 20% when behavioural tools were applied.

If you’re interested in applying behavioural tools to your Marketing campaigns, talk to our Strategy Consultants today. 

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