Strategy services

Results driven strategic marketing services

If any company is to achieve marketing success, they first need a strategy. The team at Digital Alchemy will create a marketing strategy tailor-made for your business to help ensure your marketing efforts are effective at helping you achieve your goals. We will then continue to work with you to ensure the strategy is implemented to deliver results that you can see for yourself. There are various ways in which we will work with you to help ensure your marketing campaign is a success. Our strategy services include (but not limited to):


Lifecycle value management

Lifecycle value management helps you to determine the net profits that you are making from each customer. This information helps you to identify where your strongest potential lays and helps you make decisions regarding your marketing strategies. Being able to make the right decisions will allow you to enhance your marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Trigger and events analysis

Identifying the triggers that will help your clients to buy can mean a significant boost to your revenue. Analysing these triggers also helps you to understand your customer better, helping you to deliver what they want, and when they want it.


Workshop and consultancy

Throughout the course of your campaign, we will continue to provide consultation services to ensure we are able to maximise the effectiveness of your efforts. Our workshops will bring our experts working alongside your team in productive sessions that will help decide and achieve goals.


Loyalty and engagement program design

Getting your customers directly involved with your company is an effective way of increasing brand loyalty, and sales. We will help you devise engagement programmes and loyalty rewards that will help encourage interaction from your client base and encourage further purchases.


Engagement program measurement and optimization

Any engagement program that you initiate has the potential to be the source of information that could unlock the door to further success. We will continue to measure the performance of your engagement programs and use the data provided and feed it back into the strategy. This will allow us to continually enhance the program, prolonging and improving success rates.


Ideation and analytics

A successful strategy will often involve fresh, unique ideas that really help to tap into as yet untouched opportunities. They will also provide a new way to approach existing opportunities in a way that provides something different from the competition. Our expert team will draw upon their creativity and expertise to formulate new plans that will help you stand out from the rest.


Analytic and reporting

To the layman, data acquired through marketing plans can be meaningless. Sometimes it will require an expert to analyse the data and make sense of the information, identifying important statistics that can be put to good use. This is often made even simpler by way of producing reports that can highlight the important information at a glance. The right reports could even tell marketing novices what they need to know, helping them to make key decisions.

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