Digital Alchemy | 3 Reasons to Work at DA
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3 Reasons to Work at DA

Hi there,

My name is Regan and I’m the Founder and CEO of Digital Alchemy. You are probably reading this because you are considering a role with us. I’d like to tell you something about 3 reasons why I think we are different and worth considering for your next role. We are built around three transformations

1. Transformation of YOU

At DA we understand that we are no more than the people in our teams and we are a family. Within DA you will feel that we genuinely care about each other.

We even have an inhouse Psychologist, because we understand that sometimes we all face difficulties. Your challenges may be work related or personal, regardless, our inhouse counselor will be there to help you overcome and grow.

Building your professional and technical skills is an ongoing process and we will support you to continuously develop your existing skills and acquire new skills. Not just skills that relate to the job you are doing now but a broader set of skills across the MarTech and Marketing analytics space.

Building your soft skills, influencing, relationship building and consulting skills are critical to success in any organisation. At DA we believe that this is not just about teaching you the how, but also helping you overcome your own personal fears and inhibitions. We want to help release you…so that you can unleash your full potential.

As a global company we want to give you exposure to the world, we have a policy to give high performing team members priority in applying for overseas roles. Many of our team have changed countries either permanently or temporarily. We are global and you can be too.

You may stay in DA for 2 years or 10 years, either way we want you to look back at your time with us as transformational for your life and your career, that is success for us.

2. Transformation of our MARKETS

To harness the energy of our ongoing personal transformations we aim to be a transformation partner to our clients and a transformational force in our markets. To be constantly innovating and take our clients beyond where they could go without us. We don’t need to be the largest company in our market, but we want to be the one known for being the best. So good that clients come to us because they trust that with us as partners we can together build better customer experiences and stronger businesses.

We embrace failure. Not everything we will do together will work out well, but we must try. There is no innovation without failure, there is no success without failure. To fail is not a shame, it’s an opportunity.

Fail often so you can succeed when it counts.

3. Transformation of our WORLD

Success creates responsibility, and we take this responsibility seriously. We support school construction projects and support an orphanage in Northern Thailand, because we believe education is a pathway from poverty.

More recently we have embarked on creating a new enterprise called Karma Cycle to tackle the plastic waste problem. By converting landfill plastics into building materials we can build housing and public amenities in poor communities. We encourage all our team to be involved in this enterprise with some volunteering to provide design, financial, marketing skills or sometimes just labour.

We are also embarking on attaining a BCorp certification to help us embed an environmental and ethical framework within our company. We believe that BCorp is a great way for us to ensure that we are constantly improving and progressing to always be a better global citizen tomorrow, than we were today.

I hope that you will look upon this opportunity to join our team favorably, I hope that even if you do not choose to join DA today, you will share our values and help us transform our world into a better, more equitable and sustainable one.

Never stop transforming.

Regan Yan,
Chief executive officer, Digital Alchemy